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"Lucia has been an extremely effective coach through issues at work and in my personal life. My experience of Lucia is one of rapid results. She's incisive, direct and truthful, and whilst she might not always tell me what I want to hear, she always speaks from compassion and understanding. She's also light-hearted and fun and has helped me bring perspective and action to many challenges."
Senior Manager, Price Waterhouse Coopers

The day was extremely useful and Lucia's facilitation was very professional whilst also being open and relaxed. This approach certainly enables good results in a limited time.
Judy Thomson, Director, Liferoom (

Thank you for your coaching as it made a big difference - it wasn't a blinding flash of light, it opened up doors and alleys for me to explore and allowed me to create a space that I could naturally walk into, so thank you!
Project Manager

I went in with a very open mind with regard to the course and where the journey would take me. It was a voyage of discovery, which was very well driven and paced.
Joan Fennelly, Business Development/Consultant

The coaching drew on your own strengths, made you think about what it is you really want, why and how you are going to achieve it. I found that the discussion sessions helped me to unravel my thought processes and put them into some sort of working order that allowed my business to move on at a pace that suited me.
Frances Thomson, Trainer

Just to say thank you for the support and motivation you have provided since my departure from xxx. I am having a great time, actually doing things I enjoy and getting paid for it.
Ron Duran

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