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Your Business

Depending on your start point, you may want to explore becoming your own boss, get started, or expand, grow, shrink or sell your business.

Business coaching catalyses change. Businesses often face uncertainty and challenge, high growth, periods when they plateau, people and process issues.

Alchemy in Company has worked with numerous businesses. We ask relevant questions, remind you that it's your business, and help you create solutions that suit you.

Case Study: Business Start & Growth With no prior business experience, this former nurse re-generated a failing local health and fitness centre for women. Support was provided to refine cash-flow projections, help prioritise and plan activity, allay some concerns, adopt a systematic approach, negotiate cost reductions and complete the deal.

Helen turned her acquired business around in less than a year. It continues to grow quickly and to serve the local community, also through staff employment and training. Through our nomination, Helen's South East England business won the ESF SME Business Award in 2007.

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