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Your Career

You may have a grand plan or none at all. You may want to move up or out of your current role.

Alchemy in Company tailors its service to meet your individual needs. We may start by clarifying and evaluating your choices or go straight to ‘how to' market yourself.

Typically, the support provided is one or a combination of the following:

  • Career Change – you create your ‘design for work', which takes into account your skills, contribution and needs. It provides direction.
  • Career Development – you assess next steps, discovering the subtlety of going with the flow vs making things happen.
  • Self-Marketing – the ‘how to'. Presenting yourself via CVs, applications, covering letters, target marketing, interviews and networking to gain the right role.

Case Study: Career Change Working at a City Council as a temporary clerk, James was dissatisfied. He believed he could achieve and earn more. In creating a design for work, which included a thorough review of skills, James could see the personal potential of a career in project management. He became clear and intentional and began taking on roles to augment his skills. Opportunities came along, he applied self-marketing he'd learnt and secured suitable roles.

Two and a half years later James was working as Assistant Project Manager on a multi-million pound project, earning four times his original salary.

Case Study: Self-Marketing Over the past 8 years, working both with individuals and at times as an Associate Consultant with global HR consulting groups in the City, Lucia has used her expertise to increase individuals' skills in writing CVs, communicating with various intermediaries, securing interviews, doing well at these, and to support them to be consistent and themselves throughout the process. This support, provided to hundreds of individuals, has most definitely had positive outcomes for many, including earlier success, expanded choice, better information exchange, more satisfaction in their career move.

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