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What is Alchemy?

Oxford English Dictionary Definition:

Alchemy / alkbackemi/

noun 1. the medieval forerunner of chemistry, concerned particularly with attempts to convert common metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.
2. a mysterious or paradoxical process.

ORIGIN from an Arabic word based on Greek khemia , khemeia 'art of transmuting metals'.

What enables alchemy is the essential nature of matter, or lack of matter – the fact that we are all made of the same stuff, that we are all part of the plane of energy that makes up this universe. This fact allows for the transmutation of particles into new forms, of thoughts into other thoughts via a whole range of experimental actions - expanding, distilling, filtering, extracting, combining, composing…

Sometimes a catalyst is useful – through conversation or communication of some sort, energy takes on a new shape, a new thought is formed, a new idea developed, a new company created, a new ‘community' initiated – so in company, energy is altered. From your own experiences, you'll know this to be the case. And this is the basic premise of Alchemy in Company, whose contemporary approach draws on logic, art and spirituality.

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